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A versatile product popular for its environmentally friendly nature, durability and both sound and thermal insulating properties,  Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree formed by millions of micro-cells.  During its lifespan, a Cork Tree allows about 15-16 harvests repeated every 9 years, producing hundreds of kilos at each crop and survives in a very poor climacteric environment. The cork stripping is assured by skilled labor and does not harm the tree in any way, being a vital process for the tree’s reinvigoration. The properties of cork derive naturally from the structure and chemical composition of the extremely strong, flexible membranes that are waterproof and airtight--making it an ideal material for floors and wall coverings.


Interior Prefinished Flooring, Wall Coverings


15 Year Residential Warranty
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainably Harvested
Water Resistant
Highly Resistant to Wear and Tear
Warm to the Sight and Touch


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