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From the innovators of the original Poplar Bark Siding comes a new expanded line of natural home finishes that brings a fresh element of style with limitless design and application possibilities.  The new panelized system of twigs, poles, sanded, stained and painted bark allows for unique customization of 18 different styles to create a stunning focal point anywhere in your home.

Also available are Poplar Bark Panels, peeled with precision unbroken from the log with the same skilled technique used to harvest their premium shingles.  Bark House estimates “no more than one in a thousand trees will yield a sheet of bark large enough to become one of these rustic treasures”.


Wall and Ceiling Coverings, Cabinet and Furniture Door Panels, Interior Door Inserts, Backsplashes, Decorative Focal Point


Made in Spruce Pine, NC
Sustainably Harvested
Cradle to Cradle Certified
Custom Sizing
Variety of Colors and Textures
Low VOC glues and FSC backings available



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